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A Brief History of Wealth Inequality

So it’s time for this blog to jump on the Thomas Piketty bandwagon, like everyone else. At the heart of his improbably bestselling book is the relationship between r, the return on assets (gold, shares, land etc), and g, the… continue reading »

Shifts in the Indian Labour Market (an ongoing series)

There has been much debate and discussion about the deep shifts that have happened in India’s labour market these last couple of decades. As workers leave agriculture, or newer and younger entrants into the workforce look for non-agricultural work, the… continue reading »

Different Ways of Winning

In a previous post, we looked at voting patterns in one constituency in UP – Muzaffarnagar – which, in 2013, saw serious communal riots. The hypothesis was that the riots would polarise voting across the area. To see if this was true,… continue reading »

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